Nuclear Axis Discovery By Mark Lerner

My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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Global Hot Spots

Global Hot Spots

The map included (as an example) shows planetary lines of Mercury in fiery Leo overhead and Saturn Rising in Libra -- during the Full Moon (July 3, 2012) -- over a substantial part of the USA Midwest Region & East Coast where the intense heat and power failures affecting millions. You will note that Mercury and Saturn are also exactly 75 degrees apart. 75-degrees? That's not an aspect, is it? Guess what? It is -- particularly if you realize that the Earth itself is divided into 24 time-zones of 15 degrees each and if you divide the 360-degree circle of the zodiac by 24 (also the # of hours in a day), you get the number 15. Well, an aspect of 75 degrees is precisely 5/24 of the zodiac. Some students of astrology might think I am making this up. I'm not. Many wise and knowledgeable professional astrologers over the centuries -- Johannes Kepler, Charles Carter, Charles Jayne, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Dane Rudhyar, Edward Johndro, Grant Lewi, Michael Erlewine, Evangeline Adams and Noel Tyl -- would certainly be open to considering two celestial bodies separated by exactly 75 degrees to have some kind of powerful influence. In this case, I believe it is the fiery power of Mercury in Leo (ruling energy of air, atmospherics and temperature!) coordinating with the restrictive, frustrating and chronic nature of Saturn (also in an air sign) -- where both together have been co-creators of this recent heatwave in the USA Midwest and Eastern regions. Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

Earth Aquarius News

Published on August 10, 2017 -- just 11 days before the Total Solar Eclipse striking the U.S. mainland -- this short feature contains President Trump's relocation maps for the Persian Gulf and the area of Eastern China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.

Earth Aquarius News

The red planet Mars was rising (on the Ascendant) along the USA East Coast – particularly over our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. – as the Full Moon of Capricorn on January 15, 2014 reached exactitude. Mars is often the ruling planet of wars, hostility, volatility, mayhem, violence – as well as angry rhetoric and increasing temperamental behavior. This story and map help all of us understand several Mars-related events occurring at this time in this part of the world.

Earth Aquarius News

This short feature reveals how the very challenging Mars-Saturn union, occurring right at a New Moon, wreaked all kinds of havoc on the planet where the Mars-Saturn conjunction was overhead.

Earth Aquarius News

Pluto Dominant at March 16, 2014 Full Moon & Vernal Equinox 2014

Earth Aquarius News

This feature shows Saturn at the Midheaven near Sochi, Russia at the Capricorn Full Moon of January 15, 2014. The Sun is also rising while the Moon is setting in this part of the world. Many Blessings, Mark Lerner - Publisher

Earth Aquarius News

Newly-elected President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi (born August 20, 1951)is having a lot of difficulties asserting his power over the Military -- which is still in control in Egypt. See the following short story and the map for Mars rising through Egypt at the recent Uranus-Pluto square of June 24, 2012.

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