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Entire Set of 36 CDs

  • $675.00
  • Once in awhile a new student will contact me and be so eager to learn astrology that the entire set of 36 1-hour tape* classes and all three bound books of notes and charts will be ordered together.*[Note: As of February 1, 2015, all 36 classes are available on CDs.]

    While this is an expensive proposition, I can offer you all 36 CDs for $675 a $45 savings from if you ordered the 3 groups of 12 CDs via separate requests.

    I put my whole heart, mind and soul into creating these classes and strongly believe that if you go through all 36 classes, your astrological expertise will be on a very high level. After all you are not only receiving an enormous amount of knowledge from my perspective, but you will be learning incredible insights from my mentors Dane Rudhyar, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Evangeline Adams, Charles Carter, Alan Leo, and many other astute professional astrologers who contributed their amazing wisdom during the 20th century.

    Please send me an e-mail via the Contact Mark section on our web site before you decide on ordering the entire series of 36 CDs. If you provide your name, telephone number and that you are inquiring about ordering these CDs in The School of Planetary Studies, I will be happy to call you back.

    Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News
Entire Set of 36 CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Entire Set of 36 CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Entire Set of 36 CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Entire Set of 36 CDs | School Of Planetary Studies

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