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My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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News > De La Vierra Collection 

De La Vierra Collection

The Undeclared War of 1992...Now #MeToo

By: Nancy de la Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

Note from Publisher Mark Lerner: Nancy de la Vierra wrote this remarkable feature in the summer of 1992 for our Welcome to Planet Earth magazine. Before we met in 1989, she had been married twice and suffered various types of severe abuse in both relationships. With the #MeToo movement now strong and pervasive in 2018, I am re-publishing her stunning insights from 26 years ago—insights that are both a testament to the centuries of degradation suffered by women at the hands of men and prescient about how our society is just beginning to wake up now to this hidden truth about rampant predatory behavior by the male side of the human species.


A Thousand Bars

By: Nancy De La Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

A Message from Publisher Mark Lerner: Sometimes not recognized now with the #MeToo and #NeverAgain movements regarding sexual harassment and gun violence is the Trump Administration’s all-out, Undeclared War against Mother Nature, the Environment, and the Health of Planet Earth. This Cover Story in our Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine from 1992 by Nancy de la Vierra about the rapidly-decreasing, world-wide Lion population is more an eye-opener now than when it first ran 26 years ago.



By: Nancy De La Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

"I am flying now, breathlessly accelerating away from the Earth. I feel no cold, just an indescribable impression of urgency. I am now far out in space, seeing our planet with an astronaut's view. Something is very wrong. I feel a sense of wonder and sadness as I realize our Earth is crying, disconsolately. She begins to show me how She is dying and how She is hurting. I awaken filled with dread, my heart beating furiously..."


Mermaids in the Basement

By: Nancy De La Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

"I inherited from my father a compelling love of the sea and those creatures who inhabit it. Dolphins, in particular, have mystified and inspired humanity throughout the ages. Only the most callous individuals would not be moved by their playful antics. They remind us of our better selves. I was about four when I caught my first glimpse of them in my father's National Geographic. Their perpetual smiles beckoned me, their apparent love of life and felicity warmed my heart. Many early civilizations thought of dolphins as our cousins of the sea. In astrological analysis, Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, ruled by the Moon and has a strong kinship with sea creatures and ocean life..."


Slouching Toward Bethlehem

By: Nancy De La Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

Our "Environmental" President, Mr. Bush, has by his apathy nearly sabotaged the Earth Summit. Only when he made it perfectly clear he would not be party to any "deals" did he agree to attend. He has approached what could potentially be a critical beginning to real change with longstanding indifference. "The best lack all conviction." More concerned with voter approval than real leadership, he has sold out our future for his own popularity.


All We Know of Heaven

By: By Nancy Lee Vierra
Earth Aquarius News

Today, January 3, 2018, Nancy Lee Vierra, my beloved partner of 28+ years, left her earthly body of great pain and suffering to enter the heavenly realms and its grand adventures. She is a guiding Soul-Spirit of Love, Beauty, Kindness, Knowledge and Wisdom who I and so many other people on Planet Earth are privileged to know. I Love You Nance and Always Will…”To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream…” (Hamlet) View or download Nancy's Celebration Of Life flyer. View Celebration Of Life Tribute and Cause


Celebration Of Life For Nancy Lee Vierra

By: Mark Lerner
Earth Aquarius News

Please join in a Celebration Of Life for Nancy Lee Vierra. Inside this important feature, you can view or download Nancy's Celebration Of Life flyer, read stories wrtten by Nancy, as well as a special message from Mark. In love and light, we hold Nancy in our hearts always.


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