Cosmic Kalendar Charts

Cosmic Kalendar Charts

Cosmic Kalendar Complimentary Companion Charts

This is a special bonus feature for Cosmic Kalendar Subscribers. You can read more about these two moon phases inside the Kalendar.

Click below to view monthly New Moon and Full Moon colorful astrology charts in PDF format. Enjoy!

October 5, 2017 Full Moon

October 19, 2017 New Moon

November 4, 2017 Full Moon

November 18, 2017 New Moon

P.S. All charts here are calculated for Washington, D.C. – the USA capital. However, while the zodiacal degree placements for the Sun, Moon, and all the celestial bodies in the charts remain the same all over the world, the New and Full Moon charts will have different house impacts depending on where you live. These charts are provided to give you an overview of the main zodiacal influences and astrological alignments that are influencing humanity as a whole and each individual – depending on that individual’s own birth chart.

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