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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Astrological Da Vinci Code Revealed!

The Astrological Da Vinci Code Revealed!

The Astrological Da Vinci Code Revealed! | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Friday May 19, 2006
– The film version of The Da Vinci Code has been released around the world today and I am sure it will be an extraordinary weekend at the box office for movie director Ron Howard (born March 1, 1954) and main star Tom Hanks (born July 9, 1956).

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France this past Tuesday, but today’s global launch carries the biggest significance from an astrological perspective. Of course – need this be said? – it does make a lot of sense that the movie have its premiere in France as that country is center stage for the novel by Dan Brown.

I will get back to this birthmap and its significance later on near the close of this remarkable story, but for the moment you want to conjure up in your mind’s eye the main cosmic vibrations happening today:

(A) The transiting Moon in Aquarius is in conjunction with Chiron (rainbow bridge between the material and transcendental realms of consciousness) and Neptune (creative imagination and spiritual awareness). Plus – Neptune is virtually stationary – and therefore exceedingly potent – as it nears its official stopping and turn retrograde early on Monday morning May 22. [A synchronicity here is that Tom Hanks is born on the day of a Neptune station.]

By this coming Monday May 22 – with Neptune (the ruling planet of film, photography, mass consciousness and religion!) not moving – we will have some preliminary results of how many people have seen this film during its opening weekend and how much money in the tens of millions of dollars movie-goers have shelled out to be a part of this phenomenon that has captured the imagination of the world since Dan Brown unleashed his controversial novel several years ago. By the way, since Chiron made its station last weekend, we have the amazing situation that the Moon in Aquarius (sign of the universal mind) is united with the two celestial bodies that are currently stationary.

(B) Jupiter and Uranus in water signs are continuing their recent harmonious trine within 2 degrees of orb. Both of these important planets – and, in particular, revolutionary Uranus – play major roles in this feature I am presenting. The fact that they are in the element of water is also significant.

(C) The Sun and Mercury just united in the past 24 hours – creating what is known as a Superior Conjunction of Sun-Mercury – meaning that there is a highly illuminating line-up in the solar system of Mercury (on the far side of the Sun), the Sun itself, and the Earth.

Note that whenever a Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction happens – approximately every four months – Mercury is moving at its fastest daily speed. That speed can be over 2 degrees per day – which is twice as fast as the Sun. Right now – in May 2006 – Mercury is moving at its fastest pace of the entire year.

I want you to store the above information in your memory banks for the time being because it is absolutely essential in order for you to “get” the deeper significance of The Astrological Da Vinci Code.

Mercury – the Messenger of the Gods in ancient Roman mythology (otherwise known as Hermes in Greek mythology) – is a crucial ingredient to solving the enigma of what I am offering here to the public for the first time. And Mercury has always been connected to the five senses, thinking, logic, writing, words, language, communication, verbal and literary skills, drawing, illustrating, mathematics, numbers, science, curiosity and cleverness.

Okay. Let’s move on to the real, inside story here.

December 5, 2005: The Thunderbolt on Leonardo da Vinci

I cannot exactly recall why I suddenly became obsessed one night with figuring out the ASTROLOGICAL Da Vinci Code. It seems to me that I must have heard a news report about the film being completed and that it would reach the public in May 2006.

So I took on the task of astrological sleuth. I have seen myself as an astrological detective ever since I began my work in this field in June 1972 (34 years ago).

Just as I loved geometry in high school – one of my all-time favorite subjects (because you begin with an hypothesis that you then have to “prove” through a number of mathematical steps to achieve the one and only correct answer) – I relish the opportunity to get behind -- and to the deeper core truth – of anything that society is currently enamored with. And during the past couple of years, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has been taking the world by storm (over 40 million copies sold so far and still counting!).

Therefore, on this December night a little over five months ago, I made my discovery of The Astrological Da Vinci Code. Oddly enough, it only took me a couple of hours for the major KEY to appear. Once that key showed up, it was relatively easy to start unlocking all the doors of consciousness that would lead to many mind-blowing realizations.

What are the Astrological Da Vinci Code’s Preliminary Foundations? Why are they so Important?

Here is what I came up with – a series of shocking truths – that can alter HOW and WHY you use astrological charting in the future.

The first Secret Key to Leonardo da Vinci’s higher destiny is NOT located in his astrological birthchart. It is found in the chart for the New Moon Before Birth that happened on March 21, 1452. Note: Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 (Old Style Calendar Date). The concept of the New Moon Before Birth comes from Dane Rudhyar’s classic, inspiring book The Lunation Cycle. More on this shortly.

Once you acknowledge the significance of the New Moon Before Birth, its power as a Secret Key to Destiny becomes overwhelming in importance. And – here is one of the crucial reasons it is important: The New Moon Before Birth can be EXACTLY timed and calculated! Whereas many birth times are unknown or approximate, the New Moon Before Birth is based on precise timing coming from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and/or the U.S. Naval Observatory and other global research institutes that figure out the exact astronomical line-ups of the Sun and Moon.

At the New Moon Before the birth of Leonardo da Vinci, the still-undiscovered planet Uranus was stationary and shifting from retrograde to direct that very day! So what, you say? A celestial body is at its maximum peak of potency to influence the Earth, humanity and individuals on our planet when it is motionless. For the planets from Jupiter out to Pluto, these stations only occur on two dates within a calendar year. That’s 2 out of 365. More on all this later.

Then – as the wise and ingenious Dane Rudhyar realized in The Lunation Cycle – you can take the ZODIACAL DEGREE PLACEMENT for the New Moon Before Birth and see whether it strikes anything very closely in the natal chart for anyone born in the 30 days after that New Moon. If the New Moon Before Birth zodiacal degree makes a direct hit on a celestial body in the natal chart for someone you are researching, then as Rudhyar indicated that celestial body becomes ”The Channel of Destiny.”.

It turns out when you go to Leonardo da Vinci’s natal chart of April 15, 1452, his Mercury placement is 9+ degrees of Aries. The New Moon Before Birth for da Vinci was at 9+ degrees of Aries. Voila! Leonardo da Vinci has the planet Mercury as his Channel of Destiny.

Is this it? Is this the entire Astrological Da Vinci Code?

The short answer is: Not by a long shot. We are only scratching the surface of the astrology code, but it is a great beginning. What we know so far is (a) there is something extraordinary for us to examine regarding the New Moon Before Birth and (b) we will want to compare – at the very least – the Sun-Moon zodiacal degree placement with celestial bodies in the natal chart to determine if there are ANY channels of destiny.

Now why do I highlight ANY in the previous sentence? Because most people do NOT have any channels of destiny. And, more so, most people do NOT have a stationary celestial body at the time of the New Moon Before Birth. The fact that Leonardo da Vinci has (a) Uranus stationary at his New Moon Before Birth AND (b) has Mercury as a precise Channel of Destiny is extremely rare and reveals why he is such an astounding genius, the current focus of Dan Brown’s novel and the new movie, and where all this is leading.

Caution! Whether you have the means to create your own New Moon Before Birth chart – via astrology software – or you start ordering them to do your own research, do not become disenchanted with the technique if you do not have any stationary bodies at the New Moon Before your own birth and also do not have any Channels of Destiny.

As stated above, it is rare to have either a station at the New Moon Before Birth and/or a Channel of Destiny in your natal chart. Plus – the New Moon Before Birth chart carries an enormous significance anyway, whether any celestial body is stationary or not.

In The Lunation Cycle, Dane Rudhyar does not discuss stationary planets at the New Moon Before Birth. However, he gives two great examples of famous people who were born with Channels of Destiny. He cites Alexander Graham Bell – who invented the telephone – as Bell was born with a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius as his combined Channel of Destiny (an extraordinary example).

And Alice A. Bailey – who worked with the Tibetan Master D.K. to offer an encyclopedic understanding of esoteric knowledge and wisdom from 1919 to 1949 (based on thousands of years of teachings in humanity, and particularly the works by Helena Blavatsky and The Theosophical Society during the last quarter of the 19th century). Alice A. Bailey has Venus in Gemini as a precise Channel of Destiny. In esoteric astrology, Venus is considered (a) the soul ruler of Gemini and (b) the Higher Self or Teacher to the Earth.

In my own research during the last few years, I became aware of the fact that Osama bin Laden was born with three! Channels of Destiny (Mercury, Venus and Juno in Pisces). This is one of the most extreme and rarest of all situations.

Now for the Fun Part of the Astrological Da Vinci Code!

Okay. Are you sitting down?

The entire premise of the Dan Brown novel and the current film is that (a) Jesus did not die on the cross; (b) he married Mary Magdalene; (b) they had a daughter; (d) the lineage of the Jesus-Mary family went on through the ages; (e) because of the religion of Christianity and its growing power in the first few centuries after Jesus, the truth had to be hidden from the public; (f) Leonardo da Vinci gave out arcane clues about the ancient truth in his masterpiece The Last Supper; (g) da Vinci and many other astounding individuals during the last 2000 years have been part of the invisible network of “truth holders” of this deep, dark secret that the Catholic Church has been concealing from the masses.

Even though I have not read the novel as of yet, you would have to be living under a very large rock to not have heard about the story line, the controversy, and the extreme, hard-line religious zealots who might want to burn Dan Brown at the stake for his blasphemy.

What the Dan Brown version of The Da Vinci Code is making us aware of is the importance of secrets and mysteries hidden in (a) the past, (b) through beautiful art, and (c) intertwined with a world religion.

What the Astrological Da Vinci Code is making us aware of is the importance of secrets and mysteries hidden in (b) the future, (b) through mathematical formulas, and (d) intertwined with modern science.

So, how do we leap from past-art-religion to future-math-science? Via a journey of approximately 500 years from the birth of Leonardo da Vinci to the death of another world-renowned genius – Albert Einstein!

Once you absorb what I am about to share in the next section or two, you will pretty much have the Astrological Da Vinci Code down pat and then be able to use it as The Secret Key to reveal your own Higher and Spiritual Destiny on Planet Earth in this lifetime. And – just so there is no confusion – I am not disparaging the past-art-religion in what I have to say. The point is that I think we can find a different CODE by looking to a different talent and skill of Leonardo da Vinci. We know he was incredibly blessed as an artist in a sublime manner, but his investigations into nature, science and mathematics are equally astonishing.

As News Commentator and Radio Journalist Paul Harvey would say: “And now for the Rest of the Story…”

Back on that December 2005 night when I started unraveling all this, something made me start linking the life and astrology energy of Albert Einstein to Leonardo da Vinci. At first, I wasn’t sure exactly why. However, during that time I made some initial discoveries and have amplified them to an extraordinary degree in the last week. And that is why I am sharing all this with you starting NOW -- ironically the very date when the film is released around the world.

First off, at the close of both parts of this story you will find a total of 8 – count ‘em! – color chart wheels. Don’t be worried if you are more of an astrology novice or student. They are there for reference and – for you folks who understand the mechanics of a chart – further research, study and analysis.

Remember this: The Astrological Da Vinci code is moving in an entirely different direction than Dan Brown’s version. Via astrology we are working with future-math-science and not past-art-religion.

Now at the New Moon Before Birth for Albert Einstein (February 21, 1879), there is a PRECISE TO THE MINUTE OF ARC – NO ORB! polarity of the Sun and Moon to the planet Uranus. This is the same Uranus that was stationary exactly at the New Moon Before Birth for Leonardo da Vinci. And the planet Uranus is the planet of revolution, shock waves, radical change, the higher mind, intuition, genius, the scientific-industrial-political revolutions of the late 1700s and 1800s (once Uranus was discovered). And Uranus is definitely more connected to, say, math, science, physics, and metaphysics than it would be to art and religion (much more associated with Neptune).

Going beyond this, both Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein are born with the planet Mercury in early Aries – the first fire sign of the zodiac, the key sign of beginnings, leadership and pioneering efforts. We have already learned that Mercury carries extra potency in da Vinci’s birthmap and life because it functions as his Channel of Destiny. When you look at Albert Einstein’s birthmap, you can see that he came into the world at the one time of the entire year when Mercury in Aries was making its conjunction to Saturn.

As we will go over in a moment, Einstein’s natal Mercury-Saturn union is itself an astounding Secret Key in (a) unraveling his own higher destiny; (b) revealing several truths he gave out to humanity; (c) plus – an Astrological Decipher of his famous equation of E = MC2 (Energy = Mass multiplied by the Speed of Light squared).

However, the greater importance is that (a) both da Vinci and Einstein are born with Mercury in early Aries (giving them a Mercury-Mercury conjunction between their charts) and (b) when the planet Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781 (within 1 day of Einstein’s birthday – 3/14/1879 – by the way!), the planet Mercury was located at 11 degrees of Aries. Therefore, there is cross-link and cross-fertilization, shall we say, among the birth charts for da Vinci, Einstein and the Discovery of Uranus because in each chart Mercury is in the first half of Aries.

Copyright 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Go to Part II in the Top Story section. Note: There are 4 charts below and 4 more will appear at the bottom section of Part II.

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