Pre-Election Superstorm Clocks in with Full Moon

By: by Mark Lerner

Monday Oct. 29, 2012...Today's Full Moon at 3:51PM EDT tells the big story of why the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic states are being devastated right now.

I will fill in the details in about 2 days -- about the upcoming Ceres station on Halloween at 3+ degrees of Cancer (right on the USA Venus), and the approaching U.S. Progressed Moon in Libra on the verge of making its first union with our national Juno in 27+ years (!) on Election Day. [Hint: Juno rules the small (as it is the smallest of the 4 main asteroids), empowerment and dis-empowerment issues, particularly relating to women, mothers, children, innocent victims as well as atmospheric storms (!), the disenfranchised and dispossessed. The only stationary and therefore extra-powerful celestial body in the chart for President Obama is Juno.]

When the U.S. Progressed Moon strikes our national Juno on Election Day, it simultaneously opposes our national Chiron (the wounded healer; maverick-catalytical forces; building bridges of higher consciousness between the material & spiritual planes; twilight zones of strange events; deja vu experiences).

Note: In the Full Moon chart -- shown as a map of planetary lines as well as in a color horoscope down below -- you will see Mars above and Jupiter below, since they just opposed each other yesterday -- and they did so exactly on the most explosive midpoint in America's birthchart from July 4, 1776 (our Mars/Uranus midpoint).

In addition, Juno -- ruling atmospheric storms (when negative) -- in Sagittarius is exactly square (90-degrees) to the Rising Degree using our national capital, Washington, D.C.

In the map, notice the clustering of planetary lines running through the key electoral state of Ohio -- where Mars is above (as well as Juno, a little more West), Jupiter is below, and Neptune and Chiron are close to rising in watery, often confusing-chaotic Pisces. The Full Moon exactly activates President Obama's natal Sun/Jupiter midpoint --pushing him back into the role of being chief executive/leader of the country during a crisis. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for him -- with the election looking nearly tied in the popular vote and wavering back and forth in the Electoral College where, this year in particular, Ohio is one of the biggest prizes and almost absolutely necessary for the Romney-Ryan team to have in their column.

The Vesta line in Gemini is off the Eastern Coast of the USA -- revealing the originating energy-source of Hurricane Sandy, which is the storm activating this rare weather anomaly affecting 50+ million America's in the Northeast. Vesta = safety-security themes, insurance rates and coverage, fire hazards, first-aid need and preparation, as well as home and hearth. Later this week, after Ceres makes its potent station on Halloween right on the USA Venus, the transiting Moon will be making its monthly union with Vesta in the sky in Gemini. This is all occurring within 1 degree of the Uranus discovery placement from March 13, 1781. [The Uranus discovery degree is always a focal point for revolutionary dynamics, radical change, surprises, shock waves, the eccentric, breakthroughs in higher consciousness, but also breakdowns in communications and transportation.]

We send Many Blessings, Light, Love and Support to all those souls in the affected storm region. [I will be posting a special Election chart concerning the Obama-Romney race by sometime on Thursday November 1.]

-- Mark Lerner, Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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