Europe Debt Crisis: Part II

By Mark Lerner

Dateline December 16, 2011: Although some of this feature was composed during the last few weeks, just yesterday Robert Samuelson – well-known economist and national columnist on financial affairs – said the following at the start of an article on the euro – “By now it’s obvious that adopting the euro was a colossal blunder. It may rank as Europe’s worst policy mistake since World War II.” While he is not an astrologer, his astute view connects totally to my major points in this Part II concerning the seemingly never-ending European Debt Crisis…

As I write this sequel to the financial crisis now plaguing Europe, the Greek people have just completed two days of a massive, national work-stoppage while their government teeters on the brink of a collapse relative to the instability of the Euro and the inability of countries such as Germany and France to come to a clear agreement on how to prevent Greece’s meltdown – which could represent the birth of a monetary virus spreading to other European countries. Even if a temporary solution is found in the near future and economic markets in America and around the globe respond with initial bullishness, the outlook over the next few years is – unfortunately – rather grim.

Even though everything within me strives to maintain an optimistic mind-set, when I put the astrological microscope on a wide variety of charts – surrounding a specific subject – and the same, scary and extreme catharsis presents itself, it is wise to have the common sense and logic to understand what is going on. In this situation, we need to examine the charts for the Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Earth Signs (starting on January 26, 1842), the Birth of the Euro (on January 1, 1999), as well as two New Year’s Day configurations for 2014 (one based in London and the other based on the West Coast of America).

Jupiter-Saturn Unions Every 20-Years are a Powerhouse

It is said that the Babylonian sky watchers recorded the conjunctions of the two largest planets in our solar system – Jupiter and Saturn – starting around 7 centuries before the birth of Christ. After all, when you don’t have the multi-media, rampant smog and urban pollution, skyscrapers and electric lighting, the heavens can reveal extraordinary secrets even with the trained naked eye as your guide.

The discovery was made that Jupiter and Saturn – which have so much to do with the large-scale themes of life (government; religion; ethics and morals; social activities; business and trade; work and status; education; hopes and fears of the masses) – make a series of conjunctions in each element (fire; earth; air; water) for around 180 to 200 years, and form a larger cycle of around 794 years. On January 26, 1842, Jupiter merged with Saturn at 8+ degrees of Capricorn and started a Great Mutation in Earth Signs that will last until December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn unite at 1 degree of Aquarius – thereby beginning a long series of conjunctions in the three air signs well into the 22nd century.

The reason that real-estate, manipulation of natural resources, and possession of enormous wealth are considered so crucial around the world in the last 170 years is that – from the cosmic perspective – Jupiter and Saturn have been joining their might in earth* signs approximately every 20 years. [*Every so often, there are aberrations where Jupiter and Saturn may meet in a different element – for example in 1980-1981 when these two planets met in airy Libra. However, when Jupiter and Saturn came together again in May 2000 – to inaugurate the current 20-year cycle we are in now – they did so at 23 degrees of earthy Taurus.]

In the previous Part I, I suggested that transiting Pluto’s arrival in 2012 on the Sun at 9 degrees of Capricorn in the chart for European Civilization will be a major reason for the deep-seated transformation and possible collapse of the financial, political and social fabric of what is often called the Euro Zone of nations. However, from the greater perspective of Jupiter-Saturn unions in the four elements – taking around 794 years to accomplish – we are also reaching a gigantic shift from the physical-monetary nature of earth conjunctions to the information-communication nature of air conjunctions only 9 years from now in 2020. The explosion of technology and social networking – so much associated with the three air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – is only in its infancy.

How One Individual – Adolf Hitler – was able to Nearly Destroy the World

Before proceeding to look at the chart for the Birth of the Euro, it is instructive to understand how one person could have such an unusual chart structure to be able to nearly transform the globe via his tyrannical and warped vision of reality. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and had the following key natal placements within his energy-field – the Sun at 1 degree of Taurus, a highly magnetic and charismatic, Venus-Mars conjunction at 17 degrees of Taurus, and an expansive and hubris-creating, Moon-Jupiter union between 7 and 9 degrees of Capricorn in his third house of writing and speaking. Having studied his entire chart and fate-destiny cycles for about 4 decades, I only want to look right now at the above celestial bodies.

We know that European Civilization began with the crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor in 800 A.D. while the Sun was located at 9 degrees of Capricorn. As the Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions begins in January 1842, these two planets unite at that same degree of the zodiac (9 Capricorn) where the Sun was in 800 A.D. – therefore, triggering the seed-moment for when Europe came into being 1042 years before. Meanwhile, Germany becomes united as an empire on January 1, 1871 with the Sun at 10 degrees of Capricorn. Eighteen years later – as Adolf Hitler is born in Austria, the heart of the European continent – his Jupiter at 9 Capricorn is exactly on the Sun for the crowning of Charlemagne, on the Jupiter-Saturn merger of January 1842 (the start of earth conjunctions stretching to our current time-period), and within 1 degree of the Sun for the German Empire chart of 1871.

The above alone almost granted Hitler his wish to inaugurate a 1000-year Third Reich of terror, but adding astrological fuel to the fire were the prior Jupiter-Saturn union of April 18, 1881 on his future Sun placement at 1 Taurus – plus a potentially beguiling, confusing and chaos-producing Saturn-Neptune union of May 12, 1882 on his future Mars-Venus union at 17 Taurus. When you add up all of the above, his startling life story, his capacity to hoodwink world leaders and the masses of his own people, you realize that it is always possible that another Hitler could show up if we don’t learn the history lessons from the past, and if we don’t utilize higher astrology to solve the financial-political-social problems facing our world before they become impossible to resolve.

The Euro Comes into Being

On New Year’s Day of 1999, the Euro entered the realm of international currencies. Three years later, the key nations comprising the Euro Zone were bound to start utilizing the Euro for all their transactions and purchases. What was not anticipated – particularly by the German and French economic-political idealists pushing Europe into utilizing one currency, instead of all their separate marks, francs, liras, guilders, drachmas, and so on – was a financial default by one government (a la the situation now possibly occurring in Greece) that could reverberate through the whole Euro Zone and potentially ignite a collapse of the entire system.

The Sun for the Euro is almost exactly at 10 degrees of Capricorn. Just as transiting Pluto is poised to cross over and unite three times with the Sun at 9 Capricorn for the birth of European Civilization in 2012, transiting Pluto will then cross over and unite three times with the Sun for the Euro in 2013. This brings up even more ominous news because of the following: Many countries have individual charts with the Sun at around 7 to 11 degrees of Libra or 7 to 11 degrees of Capricorn. These nations include France, Germany, the UK, and China – to name a few of the most significant ones. Therefore, transiting Pluto is already at work deeply transforming these nations by square or conjunction aspects to their various Sun placements. In addition, radical-change agent, revolutionary Uranus in Aries will be coming along – over the next few years – to not only square Pluto in the sky 7 times (2012 to 2015), but to either oppose or square the Sun placements of the above-mentioned countries.

Our Upcoming New Year’s Resolutions for Peace, Justice and Harmony had better be Extra-Potent…

You really need to get your mind around the following situation that is presented in and symbolized by two charts – both related to the start of 2014. Every year, human beings – instinctually and by historical custom – welcome the beginning of a new calendar year on January 1 by making resolutions close to the midnight hour in every locality. This is a little recognized importance in this field of anticipating the future, but it all goes back to Horary and Electional Astrology as the twin, original forms of our art-language-oracle.

When you are making resolutions at the significant turn into a New Year, you are really asking the cosmos: What new paths will my life take in the next 12 months? The horoscope for every local midnight on January 1 has two fixed placements that never change – Libra is always rising in the East, and the Sun is always below in Capricorn. I translate this – on the highest level – to mean that regardless of what happens to each individual, the energy to send out to humanity and the Earth at New Year’s ought to be …Peace (Libra Rising) and Goodwill (Capricorn Sun) to all Men, Women and Children on Planet Earth.

Nevertheless, approximately every 248 years – one full orbit of Pluto around the zodiac – we have a situation where the Sun placement on January 1 everywhere in the world will not be alone, but instead will have to share its position with Pluto (the planet of will, purpose, nuclear power, the underworld, death-and-rebirth, extremes, mysteries and secrets, repressed emotions, phobias and circumstances beyond our control). In 2012, transiting Pluto will be about 2+ degrees from the Sun as we all make New Year’s resolutions. In 2013, transiting Pluto will be only 1+ degree from the Sun, and then, at the start of 2014, you will see in the accompanying horoscopes that transiting Pluto is slightly past the Sun rather than approaching it. In fact, the Sun and Pluto are less than 1-degree apart in both charts (based in London and Eugene, Oregon).

I have included two charts for January 1, 2014 to show you that even though the overall sky pattern – everywhere in the world – is similar, it is not exactly the same. This is because New Year’s occurs at midnight (local time) from time-zone to time-zone, and there are 24 time-zones around the Earth. Thus, the New Year’s event is really a giant wave of resolutions – flowing from East to West – as first the countries in Asia, then Europe, and then the Americas experience the birth of a new 12-month cycle in sequence. When you carefully examine the chart for Eugene, Oregon – which will be very similar up and down the entire West Coast of the USA – you will see that the Moon is placed at 8 degrees and 54 minutes of arc of Capricorn, the precise conjunction point for the initial Jupiter-Saturn union from January 26, 1842 that started the Great Mutation cycle in earth signs. In addition, there is a potentially discordant Grand Cross in the heavens as 2014 begins – composed of the Moon-Sun-Pluto-Mercury below in Capricorn, Mars Rising in Libra, Uranus setting in Aries, and giant Jupiter overhead in Cancer.

The Ultimate Irony

In closing this time and simultaneously to provide all of us with a sense of hope for the future, I want you to take a look at the chart for the Great Air Mutation of December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn merge at the first degree of the universal air sign of Aquarius. The horoscope included is calculated for Washington, D.C. where Jupiter and Saturn are overhead – in the house of government and leadership. In other parts of the world, these two largest of the planets in our solar system will be in other houses – accentuating different themes for the various continents, nations and human populations in those regions.

Notice the date – December 21, 2020. This is exactly eight years or one octave after whatever might happen on Spaceship Earth as the Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years comes to a close and new beginning on December 21, 2012. From the astrological perspective, life will probably go on – not only on December 22, 2012, but in 2020 and for many decades to follow, allowing humanity to explore the information-communication dimensions of awareness in an amazing tour-de-force. That is unless Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), destructive comets, wayward asteroids or a Nuclear Winter interfere with the cosmic evolution going on at this small globe in a galactic spiral arm composed of hundreds of millions of stars – 26,000-light-years from the heart-center of the Milky Way, our universal home.

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