President Trump, Korea, the Persian Gulf & Afghanistan

By: by Mark Lerner

Dateline August 10, 2017 & Updated on August 21 after President Trump's speech on Afghanistan & with new astro-map on August 25: I am publishing President Trump's relocation maps for the Persian Gulf region and the area around Eastern China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. Overall, there is a lot to be worried about when you take in a fairly complete picture of these maps.

With the Total Solar Eclipse only 11 days away and increasing volatility concerning nuclear weapons in the region around the Korean Peninsula as well as continuing worries regarding Iran's nuclear aims (while Israel's PM Netanyahu is under investigation for possible corruption), it is always important to understand the primary astrological energies of an American president in other parts of the globe.

You will notice that President Trump has Uranus and the Sun setting through the Persian Gulf while his Moon in Sagittarius is rising. Note that transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is about to make a station within 1 minute of arc of President Trump's natal Moon during the next few weeks. The president's natal Lunar Nodal Axis is also dominant through the Persian Gulf. His natal Vesta (safety and security themes) is at the fourth house cusp almost right through Tehran (!) and his Neptune is overhead through Eastern Iran.

In a map not** shown, the president's natal Juno and Chiron (in a conjunction at his birth in Libra) and his stationary Jupiter (also in Libra and having just made a return for him in the last two weeks) are overhead through war-torn Afghanistan -- where America is sending more troops. In fact, President Trump's Jupiter (representing Sky Power, as Jupiter ruled Mount Olympus in mythology and was King of the Gods) runs almost exactly through Kabul. [Note: This paragraph was written on Aug. 10, 2017 -- 11 days before President Trump made his Afghanistan speech just following the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017.]

In the relocation map for the president around the Korean Peninsula, we can see that his Mars is setting along the east coast of China and creating a line of martial force between China and North Korea. The president's natal Uranus and Sun are at the fourth house cusp while his natal Moon is at the MC through Japan.

When Donald Trump was running for the presidency, I already looked at these areas and was convinced that during his term of office crises would probably develop in these regions due to how his key solar, lunar and planetary lines are so influential.

Since the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 is at 28+ degrees of Leo -- very close to the president's natal Mars and Ascendant, and on North Korea's natal Saturn, and Israel's Mars, as well as PM Netanyahu's Mars -- we have an exceedingly precarious situation developing in two global hot spots in the near future. Update August 11: President Trump said today that a military operation by the USA regarding Venezuela was a possibility. That nation has been in extreme turmoil for months and years; nevertheless, this is yet another martially-disturbing statement and President Trump's natal Mars rises through Venezuela.

Special Notes:
It wasn't until John F. Kennedy became president in 1961 that out nation had its first Sun-sign Gemini leader. Then George Herbert Walker Bush became the second Sun-sign Gemini president and now in Donald Trump we have the third Gemini Sun-sign chief executive of our country. However, America's natal Mars -- from the Declaration of Independence birth chart of July 4, 1776 -- is at 22 degrees of Gemini (closely square the U.S. Neptune at 23 degrees of Neptune). President George H. W. Bush had his Sun right on our national Mars and so does our current president. A president's Sun on our country's Mars can lead us into war -- as happened with President Bush in 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the U.S. went to war a few months later against Iraq.

President Kennedy's natal Sun was on the U.S. Uranus and this almost resulted in war with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. Not only is President Trump's Sun right on the USA Mars, but because he is born at a Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, his Moon is opposite the USA Mars. And right now Saturn is there as well -- testing the president and America at one of the most challenging times in our evolution in the early 21st century.

President Trump's relocation maps for these two important areas on Earth are included below. Click with your mouse on either map to enlarge it.

**Update August 25: Although this original feature did not include President Trump's solar, lunar and planetary lines going through Afghanistan, that map is now included below. You will see that his Moon rises and his Sun sets through Western Afghanistan while his triple conjunction of Chiron, Juno and Jupiter in Libra are overhead through Eastern Afghanistan -- and these power lines run through central Pakistan, too.

More to come in the future on this topic.

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