ABCs of the Total Lunar Eclipse Highlighting Mars

By: by Mark Lerner

The Total Lunar Eclipse & Leo-Aquarius Full Moon on July 27 is influencing the mainland of the USA in a variety of ways. The Mountain States are receiving an inspirational dose of Jupiter Rising and Mercury Above while in the Eastern sector of the country usually loving-artistic-friendly Venus Above is in a polarity with a potentially confusing-chaotic Neptune Below.

However, the map that comes with this feature that cannot be enlarged is highlighting the powerhouse of the red planet Mars in Aquarius as it is below the Earth along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean in the Northwest. In addition, the Sun Above in Leo and the Moon Below in Aquarius are strongly affecting cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Eugene, and Eureka, CA. Soaring heat and an increase in wildfires are already exacerbating tensions in this area of the USA as we approach the exact day/time of the Total Lunar Eclipse and solar-lunar monthly crescendo.

The Northern Orbit of the Moon in Leo is also adding potency through these areas.

Not to be forgotten is the uncertainty, surprises and even shock-waves that could accompany Uranus Setting in Taurus in parts of California south of Greater San Francisco – extending into the Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno, Nevada region and then going northeast toward Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and near Calgary, Canada. Notice as well that the problem-solving and strategic-thinking vibrations that are associated with Pallas-Athena come into play because this key asteroid is above in the central California area, Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno, Nevada region, and going upward through central-eastern Oregon and Washington.

Important Note: Shown below is a map that cannot be enlarged, but illuminates the Middle East for this same Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon. There are dangerous planetary lines of energy running through Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Persian Gulf (and, by extension, Turkey, Ukraine and parts of Russia). This past week, in the run up to the

Total Lunar Eclipse, President Trump issued an intense tweet hinting at war-like moves that could occur against Iran following some critical comments directed at the USA made by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. The major planetary lines energizing the Middle East include Pluto Above, Uranus and Juno Rising, Jupiter Setting, Mars and the Moon Above and the Sun Below. Therefore, to some extent, the Mars, Moon, Sun and Uranus vibrations that are influencing the USA Northwest and California-Nevada areas are simultaneously affecting very sensitive areas of the always volatile Middle East. It is also noteworthy that President Trump’s own birth chart planetary lines – running through the Middle East – contain a lot of emotional tension that might eventually lead to hostile actions taken by the U.S. military in this part of the world unless cooler heads prevail. Please realize as well that the previous Partial Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon of July 12, 2018 represents the solar-lunar seed-point and energy-source for this Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on July 27. Therefore, it makes sense to look over the previous astro-locality feature – about the July 12, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse, NATO and Helsinki Meetings – on our website. Stay tuned to this online channel for late-breaking developments as sometimes global hot-spots are triggered in the week or two after as well as before a Total Eclipse, New or Full Moon.

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