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Advanced CDs

  • $240.00
  • I began my astrological studies in June 1972 and learned from the great teachers of the time – Dane Rudhyar, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Evangeline Adams, Charles Carter, Alan Leo and other astute professional astrologers and authors. After 12 years of hard work, research, investigations, thousands of chart consultations and beginning my first newsletter-newspaper-magazine – Welcome to Planet Earth – I decided to start teaching astrology to a group of students around America. Each student received a 1-hour astrology tape*, various notes and any appropriate charts each month. After 3-4 years, all 36 tapes-classes* were created. *[Note: All the cassette tapes are now on CDs.]

    That’s how the School of Planetary Studies began. If you are reaching what appears to be an advanced level of your work in astrology, I recommend ordering this set of inspiring and provocative 12 1-hour CDs in the Advanced Series. This is not a dry exercise in logic, but a rich exploration – utilizing ideas from traditional astrology, esoteric astrology, metaphysics, numerology, science, astronomy, religion, philosophy, history, mythology and other fields of knowledge and wisdom.

    You will receive the entire group of 12 CDs in one package and go as fast as you want. Be aware that with this order you also receive a bound book of typed notes and charts. You simply listen to a CD as much as you want, read and study the notes and charts, and then move on to the next lesson. There is no homework to turn in. I do include a recommended reading list, but there is absolutely no need to read any other books if you don’t want to.

    Here is a listing of titles for the 12 Advanced classes:
    1. Eclipses
    2. Stars
    3. Harmonics
    4. Heliocentric Astrology
    5. Asteroid Archetypes
    6. Basics of Medical Astrology
    7. Tarot and Astrology
    8. Psychology and Astrology
    9. Horary Astrology
    10. Electional Astrology
    11. Chart as a Transpersonal Symbol
    12. Crisis Counseling

    If you have any questions before placing your order, you can reach me via e-mail through the Contact Mark section on our web site. Note: For those of you really wanting to take a trip back in time and learn how to calculate a horoscope from scratch(!) – using mathematics, long division, a Table of Houses, finding the Local Sidereal Time, finding the cusps of each house, determining the exact degree and minute placement for the Sun, Moon and planets, figuring out the Part of Fortune, and so on – I created a 1-hour class many years ago called Easy Chart Math. This CD – along with hand-written notes on how to proceed – will help you turn the clock back before the creation of astrological software programs for computers. The cost of this CD is $25 and you can e-mail me via the Contact Mark section on our web site and I will explain how you can purchase this special CD and notes, and receive them by mail. Eventually, if you decide to keep working on hand-calculation of charts, you will need to buy an Ephemeris and Table of Houses.

    Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News
Advanced CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Advanced CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Advanced CDs | School Of Planetary Studies
Advanced CDs | School Of Planetary Studies

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