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Mark Lerner began his astrological studies in New York City in June 1972 on the same day that he began taking a chemistry class at Columbia University to prepare for a pre-Med training and entry into Medical School.

Earth Aquarius News

Mark Lerner Resume includes:

Attended and Graduated from Michigan State University (1967-1971) with High Honors and B.A. in Multi-Disciplinary Social Science.

Worked at Alice A. Bailey Center/Arcane School in New York City (1975-1976).

Member of Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland (1976-1979).

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal (1981-2000).

Professional Astrologer with worldwide practice since 1972-1973.

Creator and Designer of School of Planetary Studies astrological correspondence school with 36 1-hour tape-classes since 1985.

Author of Mysteries of Venus (self-published book in 1986 out-of-print), and co-author of Inner Child Cards (Tarot Deck-Book Set published by Bear & Company) and Baseball Tarot (Tarot Deck-Book Set published by Workman Publishing).

Note: Picture is of Mark Lerner at beautiful Crater Lake, Oregon in the 1990s.

Earth Aquarius News

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Earth Aquarius News

By Mark Lerner (Publisher of Earth Aquarius News)

Dateline Saturday September 27, 2008

After watching the first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, and following the last two weeks during which the shocking financial crisis has besieged the nation, I am making this statement available to all readers of Earth Aquarius News.

A woman wrote in to me this morning indicating that she was a student of astrology who wanted to determine if I were a far-left liberal politically before she was going to subscribe to Earth Aquarius News. Somehow this registered with me and touched a nerve. The following is verbatim what I wrote and sent back to her as an e-mail.

Thanks for your e-mail.

I have always tried to avoid expressing my personal views through astrology work and articles. I believe that astrology must stand on its own merits

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